How to Choose a Mortgage Notary Signing Agent?


Choosing the best mortgage notary signing agent can be a bit confusing. People, who have not worked with a notary public before, find it more confusing. Newbies do not know what to check when hiring notary public services. Many people also don’t know why they need a notary during the final steps of borrowing a mortgage.  

A mortgage notary signing agent helps clients through all documents. There may be 100 to 150-page documents and borrowers need to sign all those documents. Certain mistakes can become pretty costly in future. Therefore, you need a seasoned mortgage notary signing agent to handle loan closing work efficiently. 

What do mortgage notary signing agents do?

You sign and notarize home ownership and mortgage documents at closing. A notary public is present at the time of closing to verify and witness document signing. They use an official notary seal to stamp documents and make the entire process legal. 

Professional notaries notarize the documents listed below:

  • Affidavit of title: Different states have different types of documents. The affidavit is used to disclose boundary disputes, outstanding liens, and other issues. The notary public ensures the seller discloses potential issues in his statement. 
  • Deed: This document reveals who is the actual owner of a real estate property. Signing this document means the transfer of ownership from the present owner to the new owner. 
  • Signature affidavit: The notary public authenticates the legitimacy of the signature in this notarized document. 

It is mandatory to notarize mortgage documents. Being a borrower, you must hire a skilled mortgage notary agent to help you throughout the process. An experienced notary will prevent potential mistakes and always be available to manage the signing process. Continue reading to understand how to choose the best find notary in San Diego.  

Things to consider before hiring a notary for mortgage signing in San Diego

mortage notary

Assess the following things to find the most reliable notary public in San Diego, California. 

  • Make sure the notary is available when you need him

Finding a reputed notary is not enough to ensure the document signing will proceed smoothly. Your notary should be available for the signing appointment otherwise it may delay the whole process. 

You should make sure that the notary will be available on your signing schedule. If he cannot provide the appointment, he should disclose it before agreeing to serve you. Do not make the mistake of hiring a newbie due to lack of time. Even though mortgage documents are self-explanatory, you need a professional to avoid errors. Hire a notary, who will be available and help you sign all documents accurately. 

  • Are you hiring a notary public or a notary signing agent?

A notary public simply notarizes the document and witnesses a document signing. The notary signing agent is a certified professional. He has additional training to perform notary services. A notary signing agent can provide support for signing real estate documents. He can manage the entire mortgage process for the client. 

You should look for a notary signing agent to avoid mistakes while closing a home loan. Reputed notary signing agents have the skills and experience to avoid errors while notarizing high-value transactions. Ordinary notaries may commit errors that notary signing agents can avoid readily. 

  • What type of notary signing agent you should hire?

When you are scheduling the closing process, choose the right type of notary signing agent. It may take 60-90 days for mortgage closing after making an offer. If the notary signing agent is not available, you may experience scheduling issues. 

You get three types of notary signing agents for closing a mortgage: 

  • Buyer-selected notary:

Buyers can hire their notary for a mortgage closing. It helps buyers choose a professional, who can take care of their interests. If you want to take the support of a professional as a buyer, make sure the notary is available for signing. 

  • Lender-affiliated notary:

Lenders frequently hire their personal notary signing agents for a mortgage closing. These are local agents working with the lender for years. They are always available on the closing date and you can take their support to prevent further delay. 

Lender-affiliated notary signing agents have years of experience. They have served the title agent for many years. Therefore, they know the entire process and prevent errors efficiently. 

Most lender-affiliated notaries have a full calendar. Rescheduling may take time and further delay your chances of moving into the new property.  

  • Online notary:

Online notarization platforms are new. They claim to provide a similar service, as in-person notary agents. Clients get support from the most skilled professionals in the field. Most online notarization platforms do not provide in-person service. That’s a major drawback of hiring an online notary. 

  • Does the notary provide stationary or mobile service?

Notaries have traditionally operated from their offices to serve clients. You need to visit the office to sign closing documents and complete the buying process. Suppose you do not want to travel to the notary signing agent’s office, you can hire a mobile notary. A mobile notary public will travel to your location and provide his services. 

Many buyers are choosing mobile notaries to avoid scheduling issues. You can discuss and schedule a signing date and then the notary will visit your home or office to complete the document signing procedure.  

Mobile notary signing agents usually charge more than stationary notaries. If you can afford to pay a little extra for in-house support, you should hire a mobile notary signing agent in California.  

  • Ask how much fee the notary will charge!

Most states in the United States of America have caps on how much mortgage notary signing agents can charge. Check the fees in your state and then contact the shortlisted notary. If he asks you to pay more than the state limit, look for another notary. Mobile notary signing agents may charge over the state limit. You have to pay extra for on-site service and that’s completely legal. 

Final thoughts

Consider all the above-explained factors to find the best notary public services in San Diego. Prefer an experienced and reliable notary to prevent errors and close the mortgage as soon as possible.

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